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Candle Collections

When you buy an Amber Vale Home candle, you can be sure you are purchasing a candle that has been meticulously created, right down to the small batches we produce and hand pour. We take great care to vet out only the best ingredients that go into creating our candles. All of our candles are made with a soy/coconut wax blend that promotes a healthier environment as you burn them. Our fragrances are phthalate-free, which is just a fancy word for really bad chemicals that aren’t too good for us to breathe. Many of our fragrances contain essential oils which improve air quality naturally. And bring on the charm because our candles contain wooden wicks which create a unique burning experience — hearing the sizzle, “pop” and crackle is just so relaxing and inspiring — and not to mention, it may just encourage you to go grab that cozy blanket and snuggle in for the day.