Ski Lodge
Ski Lodge
Ski Lodge

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Ski Lodge

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It's that moment you arrive at the Ski Lodge — prepped for skiing with all the gear — and in the air there is the smell of a roaring fireplace, blue spruce and pines peppered around the lodge and the complex spicy note (sort of like clove) that we detect filling the grand lobby. Yes, there is truly quite nothing like it. It’s where you can cozy in and let the inspiration reach peak levels all the while enjoying the adventures that await you out in the snow.

The main notes in this candle are Blue Spruce and Smoked Oud with a hint of Clove. In addition, the essential oils of cypress, cedar, patchouli, vetiver and black pepper will be noticed.

This candle is primed to be enjoyed all year around, but especially during the wintry months that beg for a little spicy and warm moment!

  • Soy and Coconut wax
  • Phthalate-free fragrance
  • Small batch, hand-poured
  • Burn hours — 9oz: 50-60/16oz: 80-90